Month: December 2018

Azure Virtual Data Center (Hub & Spoke) Series–Part 2/5 . Azure IaaS

Azure Virtual Data Center (Hub & Spoke) Series–Part 2/5 .

Continuing what I wrote last time about the Connectivity to the cloud for the Azure VDC , that was focusing on the Hub & spoke model which is the core of the Azure VDC Architecture , Today we will talk about the connectivity within the cloud which we can name it the connectivity inside the hub and spoke model Before we start diving into deep , some points you have to consider 1st before you start implementing this model which are the following points : Azure Virtual Networks can have only 1 Virtual Network Gateway (and I will override this limitation in the next coming parts of that series) When implementing VNET peering don’t enable the (Allow gateway transit & use remote gateway) Step 1 : in building the hub & spoke (Network Infrastructure) :   you have 1st to define how your Architecture will look like and it depends on your business needs and also constrains so for example you have the below models: Hub & Spoke (Same region & Same subscription) à VNet peering Hu…