Month: February 2018

“Infrastructure Scientist” … the next coming role Infrastructure

“Infrastructure Scientist” … the next coming role

Nowadays most of the people are focusing & talking about the trending technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT, etc. People are focusing on the software layer and ignoring the infrastructure although the infrastructure is main core for all of these things to operate. A missing role in the market will be coming soon as I expect will be called "Infrastructure scientist”. It’s not a tribute for infrastructure people in the IT field but it’s a way for building the right infrastructure for workloads in a more scientific measured manner & doing like a simulation for the workloads when operating and not just a bunch of resources which will definitely work after the IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service ) is spread in the market but in a blind way so you don't focus on the HW used or the Virtualization technology so we didn't get the most benefits of it depending on the IaaS that it will make it work . Let me give you a simple example: If you want to run SQL Server 2012 on servers with same…